I bought Feathery.ORG from Surpass Domains on September 10th, 2007. It was part of a package that included hosting as well. In 2012, I bought a domain from Surpass again, this time


For as long as I can remember, I've had a fascination with fantasy. I won a writing award in third grade for a story about a unicorn, I drew dragons, and I especially credit fairies to touching off my illustration career path. The biggest element in any of my work is that of wings: feathery, leathery, butterflyish, whatever, and I wanted a name I could apply to all my fandoms, so it was.

I've always been a sucker for the antiheroes in stories. Not because I like angst, but because I like everything that goes with it, including the begrudged ending. I originally wanted absolution.NU for my domain name but I can't afford it with minimum wage, so I decided to name my network after it instead.

After a year and a half of mooching, I let die and took, which used to belong to Iris! I made sure to ask her first. Shadows keep with my theme too.


I started designing my own webpages and experimenting with coding in seventh grade on Angelfire. Even back then, I was looking for a place to host my stories and my art (however unworthy it was). I talked to a lot of people, and eventually Azora hosted my stories at, and then, (goes somewhere else now).

But that wasn't enough. Tiring of free domains, I stumbled upon Masa of Shikan and then and she hosted me for two years as "sushi dreams", whereupon stuff happened and I decided I needed a new host.

A gracious commissioner, Iris, picked me up and I followed her throughout four domain changes:,,, and then My site was called saffy-nyu because it was cute with the domain names. I settled in at until a source of income inspired me to steal my own bandwidth... for a little while. Iris was nice enough to renew my domain for a third year as a birthday present, as well as host me on her gigantic domain, since I had too much space. is back after a short hiatus, hosted this time by ten., an amazing contact of mine I found through the Tales fandom. She's great and I hope to be here a while!

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Unfortunately, due to the nature of being hosted by someone else, I am not accepting new hostees at this time.


You can find me here.

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